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[Intro: Bizarre] The rap game, hip hop 101 The hardest 9-to-5 you'll ever have You can't learn this shit in no history book You ready to rap, motherfucker? It's cool, but fools, just don't confuse it What happens: these dudes get rude, then I lose it I'm scandalous, I'll blow your two kids off the atlas With a gat that's bigger than Godzilla's back, nigga You are not realer, in fact, you'll feel the effects Of a crack dealer, y'all presidents sends me smack And got a MAC-10 with it, so I ain't gotta rap But I'm thankful for that, don't mistaken me, black Or you'll be stanking in the back of a fucking Cadillac [Verse 2: Eminem] I'ma get snuffed, ‘cause I ain't said enough to pipe down I'll pipe down when the White House gets wiped out When I see that little Cheney dyke get sniped out Lights out, bitch, adiós, goodnight *gunshot* (AHH!

[Verse 1: Swift] I'm a disrupted nigga, you made me crazy You should've slayed me as a baby Behaving shadier than Wes Craven And you ain't even gotta pay me I take pleasure of laying a nigga down daily You face me, drunk or sober, you’ll faint fast I'm never fucked up to where I can't whoop yo' ass Your neck'll get snapped with bare hands; fuck music Is he rappin'?

If one sees recent days that Who is The Game Rapper Dating 2015?

then again relation with fiancé is off so now he attach with India Westbrook after passing a dating period with Khloé Kardashian.

"Kanye is great, Kim is great, they're great for each other, you know." He added, "Kanye is a really good friend of mine and he's got a really good family structure.

Among these qualities a major one is that he is extra ordinary intelligent that makes more perfection in his work.

If one sees a short background of Jayceon Terrell Taylor (The Game) then he belongs to a poor family that live a criminal area. A twist is come in his life when accidently he meets with a top rapper and he get chance to perform in his group.

I'ma rap until y'all all get sick of me And clutch my nut sack and spit all who pick at me A pitt and rott mix, fuck the dogs you sic on me I'm saying you motherfuckers don't know us, quit playing If I'm broke, then I'm breaking up in the place where you laying You know, same shit every nigga done in his life I look at this, why speak on what I want when I write? If he bleed like I bleed, take a piss and he stand?

Okay, you win, you can say we can't rap, but no Source never made me not buy an album when they say it was wack [Verse 4: Kuniva] I walk in that party and just start bustin' Right after I hear the last verse of "Self Destruction" This liquor makes me wanna blast the chrome To let you know the time without Morris Day and Jerome I'm low down and shifty, quickly call Swifty To do a drive-by on the tenth speed with 50 You're feeling lucky? Cheese With your seed, you be an unlucky G My lifestyle is unstable: a partying addict They said, "No fighting in the club" – so I brought me a 'matic Coughing the static, I jump niggas; call me a rabbit Popping the tablet and guns that saw you in half with [Bridge: 50 Cent] Believe me, we run this rap shit, fo' sheezy Make making millions look easy Everywhere you turn, you see me, you hear me Believe me, before you see my pistol in 3D No time to call a peace treaty Dial 911, ‘cause you need the police to help you believe me [Verse 5: Proof] I snatch the chalk from the sidewalk and piss on the curb This is absurd, these street niggas twistin' my words We finally could say goodbye to Hollywood ‘Cause Proof and Shyne, man, shit, nothing in common The nastiest band with gats in each hand We never bow down to be a flash in the pan No remorse; fuck your stature, dog!

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