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Springfield, MA 01104Warranty Information: 1-631-234-2800History and Background of Spalding: Spalding was founded in 1876 by Boston Red Stockings pitcher A. Spalding has been credited with developing the very first official baseball, basketball, golf ball and football. He played for the Boston Red Stockings and in 1876 he left to play for the Chicago White Stockings, which would later become known as the Chicago Cubs.

Spalding helped the White Stocking win the 1876 Inaugural National League Title.

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During his more than twenty-one years' involvement with baseball’s Major Leagues, A. (Albert Goodwill) Spalding (1850-1915) was a baseball player, manager, and executive.

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As his company expanded Spalding started expanding into numerous outdoor activities and began developing golf clubs, tennis rackets, basketballs, and any other equipment needed for popular athletics at the time.Top Flite was eventually acquired by the Spalding Sports Company and produced everything from golf balls to clubs and other equipment.Today, Top Flite is owned by Callaway Golf, and produces reliable, affordable clubs for players of all skill levels.was perhaps the premier publication of its day for the game of baseball.It featured editorials from baseball writers on the state of the game, statistics, photographs, and analysis of the previous season for all the Major League teams and for many of the so-called minor leagues across the nation.

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