Fantasy sex chatroom

No one under 18, or pretending to be under the age of 18 years, is allowed to use this site.

If you are aware of a user who is not 18 or older you need to alert the moderator(s).

Indicates that the Room is only for Chatters 18 years and older and may contain sexually explicit dialog, graphics and/or pictures.

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No flooding the room with the same comment over and over again.

Certain discussions that may be tolerated in one room may be reason for a kick or ban in another room as well.

Examples: If you choose to engage in a Rape fantasy or discussion, this is not allowed in the main rooms, and is only allowed in the forced sex fantasy room, a user created room, or perhaps the BDSM room, if others there at the time do not find offense to the discussion.

Cam invites and requests are not allowed in the main rooms.

Hate speech, religious topics, and political conversations are not permitted in the public rooms.

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