Infertile women dating girl dating girl

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That's why when half of these people sit there and say "you shouldn't have so many rules/standards" I just laugh since all I ever came across are these men's standards regarding this and that.

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I wasn't using it as an "excuse" to explain why I am single, I was stating it's been a factor in a some of the rejections & been made to feel like something is 'wrong' because of it, that's it.

I'm not saying there's something 'wrong' with women that can't have kids, that's the way it's been put across to me by men that I've met.

The ones that can't have them or don't want them -- something is 'wrong' with her that invalidates her as a potential mate.

I was once rejected with the excuse that my house was too clean.

They could be using any convenient excuse to reject you?

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