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As such, it is important to understand who produces and reproduces, who has access, and who and where are represented by information in our contemporary knowledge economy.

It will encompass a variety of research interests within this field, including digital visual anthropology as well as a variety of qualitative, ethnographic methodologies appropriate to the study of the digital environment. Yet it is remarkable how little we know about contemporary geographies of knowledge and the ways that those information landscapes are changing over time.Building on previous work (Geographies of the World’s Knowledge; PDF 12MB), this project proposes a comprehensive mapping of contemporary geographies of knowledge.Dr Taha Yasseri in interested in developing new techniques and methods for and applied to this sort of big transactional datasets.Moreover, Dr Yasseri is interested in developing mechanistic models — similar to ones in statistical mechanics — to go beyond observing patterns and correlations in platform-specific data, and generate general theories that not only explain causalities, but also provide quantitative predictions.

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