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We went with a simple standing chuppah that was provided by the venue and didn’t add anything extra.

We worked with Rabbi Mikie Goldstein of the Masorti Movement (Conservative) in Israel.

We met three and a half years ago, on a dating app, where we chatted for about three months before actually meeting each other in person.

Finally, we we decided to go on a proper first date at a bar, and the rest is history.

We visited about ten different venues in the Tel Aviv area.

For example, there’s an image of the Eiffel tower (where Aaron proposed to Lotan), cooking utensils as we like to cook, a computer, since we’re both software engineers, a dog for our amazing little Herzl, etc.

We also adore the story of the kiddush cup used in the ceremony, but particularly the (coincidentally) rainbow tallit, which was just perfect and carried so much personal meaning.

All of the divine images and film below were captured by Gilad Mashiah, and Gili & Lily Films, and the writeup was provided by both grooms!

We also created two separate versions, one in English for those abroad (mostly Aaron’s family and friends) and one in Hebrew for the locals.

Aaron went with a modern-looking navy blue suit, while Lotan selected a classic black look, both slim fit.

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