Validating cluster resource ip address

Resolution 2: Change the SQL Server service account passwords using SQL Server Configuration Manager.If you do not, and you change the SQL Server service account passwords on one node, you must also change the passwords on all other nodes.Doing so ensures that when a node fails over, the extended stored procedures can still be used.

If the cluster has any online groups when validation is initiated, and the storage tests remain selected, it will prompt the user for confirmation whether they want to run all the tests (and cause downtime), or to skip testing the disks of any online groups to avoid downtime.In fact, additional tests are executed once the cluster is in use, which check that best practices are being followed for highly-available workloads.Across these dozens of tests, only a few of them will impact running cluster workloads and these are all within the storage category, so skipping this entire category is an easy way to avoid disruptive tests.This can be completed without any interruption of service as it does not affect any online cluster resources.Validation can be run at any time once the Failover Clustering feature has been installed, including before the cluster has been deployed, during cluster creation and while the cluster is running.

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