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A second year of work has enabled me to add twenty-one fresh legends to those already published, and brings to me the task of writing a second preface. When I com- menced printing I expected to have matter enough to fill some 1,200 of such pages as these volumes contain, but now that this much has been accomplished I find that not only is the work very far from complete, but that the lists so far do not by any means include even all the celehratedlegenda. is already far advanced in preparation, leaving still bulky undigested MSS. Even as I write information comes in of more stories locally of much celebrity, though hitherto unknown to literature ; and it is becoming apparent that the comprehensive collection of the Panjab popular legends is a question of opportunity and patience. Tera na Wn kuchh zor ; ri bandi, dhan dha D yeh amar ai ! Weeping she rubbed ashes on her body, and her hear was very grieved. Sixty maidens collected to see the marriage procession of Sida. — Isma'il Khan's G-eandmothee 494 XXXVII.— The Beacelet-Makee op Jhang 499 XXXVIIL— The Maeeiage op Hik and Ranjha 507 PREFACE TO VOLUME II. She tore off her locks, the lance (of grief) pierced her heart. If any one take her away now I will complain to the Court (of God). When a writer is engaged on works of original research he is necessarily teaching himself while he is teaching others, and so it is no matter of wonder to find that as these volumes proceed, the tales they contain are found, as it were, to developer The first volume began with the adventures of ' Eaja Rasalu,' giving a disconnected series of stories fastened on to the name of this popular hero. 380 The daughter of Chuchak and sister of Pathan, the Jatt maiden is brought here." (Said Eanjha) : " Lalo, Hir hath been torn from me, why dost thou tease me ? Thy lips are dates, and thy teeth pomegranate seeds, and thy speech sweetmeats. LMan di lali kadhi nakin jandi, bhawan sattar bhasham ralae. Since then the stories of ' Princess Adhik Anup Dai,' of ' Sila Dai' and of ' Puran Bhagat,' have appeared, showing that these are really stories, or series of stories, belonging to a cycle, and indiscriminately applied to the Northern Salivahana and any of his immediate legendary descendants. I have seen many proud men like thee brought to ruin. Be-aslan de asal nahin 'bande, bhanwen sattar ilam parkae. Such are the principles, so far as the limited scope of books containing original collections has per- mitted m Oj that I have endeavoured to sustain in these volumes. One-eyed and so slender, that she bends down nine times ! How far I have succeeded in practice in attaining my ideal it is not for me to say. She finds fruit in the a^t plant and plucks and eats it. I will become a follower of Gorakh Nath and come back to Takht Hazara no more." 385 " The glory of thine eyes hath entered the palace. L^lri wandi lal nahin bandi, bhaven sattar ab char Me. The wide term anthropology covers all the subjects from the examination of which we are led to grasp the details of thait complicated structure, the modern human being in his mental and physical aspects. f A follower of Jalamdhar Nath, and therefore an opponent of Gorakh Nath. 370 Let me take an oath on the Quran : I go not back on « my word." Leaving Hir Ranjha returned and played his flute among the Siyals.

dishes for the ' general reader ' is it worth wh Ue ? Ham sang karen gharab ki batan^ bahot machaven slior. Either do thou punish, or I will devise some other (punishment) ." * To Kanipa. "Jo tu jane, 'jagat men lia janam main jit/ Grurii tumhara kune men gire bahot din gae bit ! I left Takht Hazara of my fathers and my weeping parents. Banjha, the swan of God, is wandering in the lanes, while Sida, the crow, is called to thy side. What ought the proper apprehension of an Indian folktale, for instance, to involve in the case of the original collector and! A knowledge of the particular vernacular of the narrator in its vulgar forms, and this be will find will sooner or later lead him to tread the difficult ways of Indian philology. " Guru Gorahh Nath.f " Though thou thinkest that thou hast conquered birth,t Thy Guru§ hath been thrown into a well these many days ! " Said Hir to Ranjha : " Thou art the lord of my head. Jadon R§,njhe de baji murli, katthi ho gai kul lukat. Thacker, Spink & Co., Calcutta ; Triibner & Co., London and Strasbourg; 1877. A wide knowledge of Indian History of all kinds— political, social, and literary, — and that, too, in its most obscure amduntrod- den paths ; for it is quite impossible to say beforehand where a particular tale will land him in its historical references, and the unraveling of the tangled threads of folk-history in a single tak often necessitates an acquaintance with widely separated por- tions of the recorda of the past. acquiredj of the religions and social structure, the habits and manners and hereditary customs of the people, their ethnology, antiquities^ and philosophy. Many days hath he passed in the well and thou knewest not! " Agge tain bajai Hir kamli bhul gai, hun bhulna kisi ne nain. Takht Hazare nlin jain \" 375 Siyalan ton tur pia Ranjhaj laga Takht Hazara di rahin. — The Stoey op Raja Chandaebhan and Rani Ghand Kaean 78 XX. Such being the case, there is no reason why it should not be made as attractive in a literary sense as possible, provided it loses nothing thereby in scientific precision. Speak such words as these with thy lips and thy bux* will break. " Hear, my disciple, eat at tby ease." Gorakb (Natb) tbus ordered all bis disciples and sbo wed a miracle. Tbe fire caugbt tbem, tbeir bodies burned and tbey ran about (crying) "mercy." 190 Tbey cried out witb tbeir moutbs on wbom tbe sore trouble came. A company of dancers started and he went off with them. "My son Gorakh (Nath), hear my words with heart and soul. 1 have sons with me that I love : Hem Nath and Khem Nath, these are thy saintly brethren." Gorakh (Nath) the holy saint worshipped his Gurii. To her of one son there is but an only son, so do thou lovingly protect him." * Scene changes completely, and the thread of the story is taken up from line 156. I, Hir, am useless without R4njh&, though thousands of Kheras surround me. 543 Je mukh mura R^njlie yar, ton halia Dozakh bich sarian." " Reru rukh bich gun na koi, phirde bhawar piase. Ranjha, bans Allah da, galian bich rulda, Sida kag ndn bahavegi pass. A monthly periodical devoted to thai systematic collection of scraps and fragments of authentic informa- tion regarding the country and the people. Its nature is such, in the phase of folktales and legends at any rate^ as to make its facts largely capable of literary treatment. Aisa kirpa karo, Nath, woh dete phireii dohai." Guru Gorakh Nath. 175 " Go, my disciple, this is the time for my meditation. " 205 Had set guards, and his own sect surrounded the Saint. my Lord Guru, have mercy, I am come to serve thee.^t Maclihandar Nath. t Observe the truly oriental delicacy of this reproof. Except thee to-day there is no protector in the world. Motin bhikh mile mahilon se leke gur pe aya : Hath jot-ke khara agari charnoh sis niwaya. He received pearls as alms from the palace and took them to his Gur A : Standing with joined hands before him he bowed his head at his feet. " Hoj Gopi Ghand, thou fool, why givest us a bad name ? Women are useless without husbands, be they spirits or fairies.

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